Tag Search 1.8 Released

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Unfortunately, when I added a settings link for Tag Search, I introduced a bug whereby every plugin had a settings link.  Therefore, I have removed it until I find the cause and a fix.  Apologies for any confusion and problems that this caused.  Any problems with the update, just leave a comment here or a support request on WordPress.org.

2 thoughts on “Tag Search 1.8 Released

  1. Marco

    sorry if I leave a comment here but I couldn’t find another way to get in touch with you. There’s a small fix I think is needed in your Featured Category Posts Widget (which is great by the way — thank you). Is there an e-mail address I can write you to? Thanks

    1. wppluginsdev Post author

      Sorry about the bug! I have not yet had chance to update this plugin, since I got this site and plugins. I’ll send you an email now.


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