Relaunching Site and Plugins

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I have recently taken on the website and plugins.  Unfortunately, they had previously been neglected to the point some are very old or have some bugs, so I am currently going through and updating the plugins one-by-one.

Currently, I have updated Tag Search and Custom Single Post Templates Manager.  Bot had sitewide links removed (bad for SEO) and the latter had bug fixes (including not working with child themes.

If you do have any problems with any plugins, please leave a post at the plugin’s WordPress page or a comment on the relevant post in the blog.  Try to leave as much details as possible (rather than “it doesn’t work”), such as version of WordPress, what does/doesn’t happen, any error messages, at what point the error occurs, etc.  I will respond as soon as possible.

3 thoughts on “Relaunching Site and Plugins

  1. Zachary

    I would like to use Ad Randomizer Single post but I was wondering if it is safe to run? It has not been updated in so long. Could you reply?

    1. wppluginsdev Post author

      Good question. I took over the site and plugins last year from the previous owner. This is the next one I want to update. I just noticed a bug with Tag Search, so I need to fix this first.

    2. wppluginsdev Post author

      The answer would be: no. It breaks excerpts. This plugin needs far more functionality, so I’ll do a full rewrite of it. For example, there’s no support for showing mobile ads in place of ones for desktop browsers. The fact that (so far) any ad manager I’ve tried doesn’t support that, so it’s the only reason to actually bother updating this plugin (as I really need such a plugin and tired of hacking themes every time). This plugin also places ads in an unsafe way in terms of SEO (“above the fold” update) at this current version.


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