5 New WordPress Themes for June 2013

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I was just browsing through the latest themes, trying to get some inspiration for re-designing this site, and came across several themes that caught my eye (and a few that definitely didn’t).  My personal pick for June 2013 so far:

  1. BlocomoTwo
    Looks great and is responsive, due to being a child theme of Twenty Twelve.  A great theme to start out with if someone wants a cool look, but doesn’t have the skills to make it.  The homepage is in German, but no problem if you’re using Google Chrome.
  2. WP StrapGrid Lite
    Ignore the fact that the preview looks terrible on WordPress.org and instead check it out on the theme’s homepage.  It looks pretty cool and the number of times I have needed a grid system and had to put it together myself, so it’s good to know there is an option out there.
  3. Tender Spring
    I think this one is absolutely beautiful.  The designer has a lot of talent to make something so pleasing to the eye (which is clear from their website, too).  It’s also responsive, which is a great bonus for a theme that looks so pretty.
  4. Cute Frames
    Also by dodo, the author of Tender Spring.  The fact is, it is cute.  WordPress.org’s preview does not do it justice.  Looks like a great theme for sites about young children, parenting, etc.
  5. iMag Mag
    A magazine style theme.  Again, doesn’t look too good on WordPress.org’s theme preview, but much better on the theme’s dedicated demo page.  A clean theme and looks like a good starting point for anyone making a magazine.

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